domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

de cómo romper esa moratoria del miedo al miedo... dícese de un ogro ilustrado por Verdi, más adelante conocido como el amo.

Rigoletto "the sweetest embrace, the curse":

We heard the tale since we were young/Heard the songs that have been sung/ About an evil spell/Someone beautiful is cursed/We feel sad through every verse/Til a kiss and all is well/The message that no one can teach/Is clearer to someone like me/There is no curse or evil spell/That's worse than one we give ourselves/There is no sorceror as cruel/As the proud and angry fool/And yet, we cry life isn't fair/Beneath our cries the truth is there/A power that will break the spell/We should know very well/Is locked within ourselves/Yet we'd rather blame/And curse our faith and change/We run from everyone to hide from the pain/And all the shame/The story long we knew it wellAbout a wretched evil spell/A power that will break this curse/Oh I know all too well/Is locked within myself ...

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